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Côr Meibion Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Welsh Male Voice Choir was founded in 1978.

The saying goes that expatriate Welshmen are known for their predictable behaviour: one will start a chapel, two a committee, three an exiles’ group and four a Choir. Welshmen in Hong Kong are no exception. The Choir’s roots stem from an impromptu singing of Welsh songs around the piano at the St David’s Society Annual Ball in 1977. The singing was not altogether well received and another attempt was made the following spring; then in mid-1978, a group of Society members led by Berwyn Evans decided it was time to do the job properly and establish a Welsh Choir for Hong Kong in its own right. The HKWMVC duly held their first practice at Victoria Barracks in Admiralty in September of that year, and finally unleashed their new skills at the St David’s Ball in March 1979.

The rest, as they say, is history. In the 45 years since, the HKWMVC have steadily built a high reputation not only in Hong Kong but also overseas, where they have performed at such distinguished venues as the Royal Albert Hall (three times) and Sydney Opera House, as well as at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod. In addition they have backed a number of international stars on their visits to Hong Kong, including the late Sir Harry Secombe, Max Boyce and Hayley Westenra.

While the Choir still count quite a few Welshmen in their ranks, today’s line-up reflects Hong Kong’s cosmopolitan nature with their 50-plus current members drawn from at least a dozen different nationalities. The one thing that binds them together is that they all love to sing – and have lots of fun in the process! Likewise their repertoire, while still featuring a number of rousing Welsh hymns, now spans a wide musical genre from Mozart to Abba and Queen, and languages from Latin to Chinese and even Swahili.

The Choir remain purely amateur and many of their performances are for charity fund-raising purposes, with members paying their own travelling expenses. Besides headlining more than 20 events in Hong Kong each year, they make annual visits to Thailand and the Philippines and have also performed around Asia in Mainland China, Malaysia and Vietnam.

The Choir are always keen to welcome new members to their ranks, Welsh or otherwise – the only requirements are to be male (sorry, ladies!) and to be able to sing in tune. Practices are held every Tuesday evening and Saturday morning. Please contact us if you’d like to know more.

Roll of Honour


1982-2001           Sir Harry Secombe, CBE

2001-2006           Jack Edwards, OBE

2007-date            Lord Thomas of Gresford, OBE, QC


1978-2020           Berwyn Evans


1978-83               Peter Harris

1983-84               Terry Brewster

1984-87               Cliff Lamburn

1987-88               Elfed Roberts

1988-89               Richard Davies

1989-90               Mike Benson

1990-91               Tony Gould / Bill Morrison

1991-92               Kevin O’Hagan

1992-93               Barrie Towell

1993-94               Bob Machin

1994-96               Garry Owen

1996-97               Ian Williams

1997-98               Neil Drave

1998-99               Vince Walsh

1999-2000           Harry Planche

2000-01               Bill Morrison

2001-02               Tim Davis

2002-04               John Walsh

2004-05               David James

2005-06               Gerry Osborn

2006-07               Peter French

2007-08               Shane Kelly

2008-09               Simon Clennell

2009-10               Neil Drave

2010-12               Michael Price

2012-13               Martin Astill

2013-15               Nigel Sharman

2015-16               John Pym

2016-18               Mike Hall

2018-19               Tim Davis

2019-21               Andrew Scholar

2021-22               John Pym

2022-23               Simon Clennell

2023-                   Michael Wuest


1978-86               Berwyn Evans

1986-87               John Oakenfold

1987-95               John Hayden Edwards

1995-96               Ian Williams

1996-97               Brian Clarke

1997-98               Philip Whelan

1998-2003          Ian Williams

2003-09              Bryan Carter

2009-17               Howard Topper

2017-22               Colin Touchin

2022-                   Peter Stapleton